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  • Coconut Water and Rum?
  • Curry Goat & Green Banana
  • Ackee & Saltfish – National Dish
  • Jamaican Fruits
  • Roastin' Breadfruit
  • Fish, Fish, Fish
  • Boston Jerk
  • Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Faith's Pen
  • Escoveitch anyone?
  • Coffee Farmers
  • Jerk Pork & Red Stripe
  • Treasure Beach Fish
  • Food Escorts
  • Coconut and Rum?
  • Curry Goat & Green Banana
  • Ackee & Salt Fish
  • Jamaican Fruits

DaVinci Cuisine Experience 15 Days

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Day 1 - Touch down on Jamaican soil in Montego Bay. The second city greets you with promises of pleasure. Much to see, feel, taste…mmm, the Da VInci Cuisine Experience has officially begun. The lush land and idyllic breeze embrace. The mountainous beach town that is Montego Bay, is bordered by turquoise sea and softly reverberates reggae rhythms, displaying island art and fine cuisine; a true feast for the senses.  Check in at your hotel and experience hospitality at its finest.

Day 2 - The city introduces itself to you..Montego Bay, Jamaica’s unofficial visitors’ lounge.  The tour kicks off as you visit prize-winning Croyden Estate, nestled in the  foothills of the Catadupa mountains. View and tour the historic plantation, a magnificent ode to yesteryear. This site has produced a son of the land, Samuel Sharpe, a national hero.  A leisure walk, a quarter of a mile maybe, takes you through the gently sloping landscape. Many stops along the way will allow you to be swept away by the extraordinary panoramic view.  Sample Jamaican bites, fruits, local appetizers, as you walk through coffee groves. Indulge your cosmopolitan pallet with a Jamaican lunch awaiting at the end of the tour.  The night offers time in the city, dining in fine style in the town.

Day 3 - Today’s destination is St. Elizabeth. Fondly called St. Bess, it is a fertile parish loaded with rural delights. Labeled the ‘bread basket of Jamaica’, it is said that the quantity of food farmed here could feed the entire island!  But before St Elizabeth, we’ll make like Tourists and stop for some beach time in Negril and what a beach it is – seven miles of pristine white sand and crystal clear water… IRIE.   Next stop is Treasure Beach, we’ll check in at our Hotel and this evening we’ll relax, just chill under starry skies of this quaint fishing village.

Day 4 - Today Food tour fun: We’ll board a boat and throwing a line to catch tomorrow’s lunch…Imagine that – you fishing for your lunch in the Caribbean Sea!  Keep an eye out for the playful Treasure Beach Dolphins who are always eager to put on a show for the DaVinci visitors.  After fishing you’ll enjoy “wide-eyed”, as we head up the Black River on Safari.  After Safari, we’ll leave the river and chart a course for Pelican Bar, a location like no other; a thatch-roofed hedonist haven…set away from the land, out in the sea…Update your definition of paradise!

Day 5 - Today you’ll cook Jamaican. First you’ll gather spices from the farm; onions, escallions, thyme, to name a few. Your senses will be treated to an aromatic experience as the sight, smell and feel of the herbs awaken you. Then you, chef in the making, will prepare yesterday’s catch, under the instruction of a local chef. The choice is yours, make your fish steamed, brown-stewed or, the true pros go escoveitched; a local original involving frying and steeping in a marinade like no other. Now you’ll own official bragging rights to a significant input in your Jamaican vacation.

Day 6 - Still in St. Bess, today’s plans will lift your spirit.  A tour of Appleton Estate will let you watch the amazing transformation of sugar cane, a member of the grass family, into a unique Jamaican product, Appleton Rum.  Watch as a part of the process unveils still used but ancient methods. Your rewarding sample will leave a promising tingle. Later, experience YS Falls, an intimate cascade, therapeutic in sights and sounds. Bathe in the sparkling waters, a renewing experience.

Day 7 - Jamaica’s history showcases an indigenous people, slaves who had run away from plantations to the mountains, the Maroons. A tribe that epitomizes strength, the evolution of the island has left them culturally   unscathed. Indeed they have proven fittest through survival. Overlooking Appleton Estate sits a prime Maroon colony: Accompong Town. This settlement provides a throwback in time. Experience the Maroons, hear their stories, enter their world, be a part of the Medicine Man’s audience as he speaks of curious native cures boasting centuries-old potency. Then sit at the table as a Maroon feast is spread, a cornucopia of indigenous indulgences. Culture is indeed served.

Day 8 - Today puts Kingston at the top of the agenda. The island’s capital buzzes with business and pleasure opportunities. Here the cuisine runs the cosmopolitan gamut. Treat the palate to an explosion of options, dine out at a selection of classy restaurants. Just perfect the art of being a guest, the rest is on us.

Day 9 - A little piece of Kingston has been reserved for music legend Bob Marley. Visit the Hope Road property, the Museum, and get first hand experience of the life of the icon. This segways into the Blue Mountain Coffee tour. Nestled into the Blue Mountains in St. Andrew, is the home of the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee – one of the most expensive and sought after caffeine beverages in the world.  The location being both farm and factory, the premium Arabica beans are grown, harvested and processed here. The breath-taking elevation offers an experience like no other. Wrapped in the calming aroma of coffee, tour the property and get your fix of local java, a favourite of the world. The evening offers another night on the town, partaking of the local fare. Again, enjoy the city’s dining experience, a table spread in the heart of the town.

Day 10 - The Rastafarians comprise another group of indigenous Jamaicans. Known by their ‘dreadlocked’ hair and curious philosophies, they also have an interesting outtake on the culinary arts. Famous for all-natural gourmet creations, they expertly combine foods, preserving nutritional value and especially promoting low sodium, without sacrificing taste.  Coined and branded ital cooking, the Rastafarians own this cooking method. As noted vegetarians, they preserve animal life and instead indulge in products of the plant kingdom.  Come, enjoy a Rasta reverie! Lazily lounge as a son of Ras Tafari whips up lunch ital-style. The evening allows another incredible dining out opportunity.

Day 11 - Today takes you to the lush, north-eastern end of the island.  Portland is the destination, the jerk capital of the world. The Portland Jerk Experience is one your tastebuds will remember for a lifetime. Here is where jerking meats has been perfected as Jamaica owns the patent on ‘jerk’. Originally, this was a way of preserving meats: a blend of herbs and spices which when applied, maintained freshness. Today, this indigenous way of cooking involves immersing meats into the same unique rub which marinates and flavours, permeating with a spiciness that pleasantly assails the senses. The meat is then slow cooked over a stoked open pit for just about a minute before you die of anticipation. A cleaver reduces the chunks to delectable bite-sized morsels. We just caught you chewing… This evening’s dining experience takes you no further than your check-in point. Dine in at your hotel, enjoy the culinary creations of the resident chef.

Day 12 - Kingston becomes a part of the u-turn as you head away from Portland. Relaxation is priority this trip and you’ll do it water-front style. Visit Hellshire, a lazy fishing town. Watch the fishermen maneouvre their watercrafts and lure the day’s catch, then sample the famous Hellshire fish, festival and bammy or indulge in lobsters or oysters with local spicy or sweet and sour sauses. Or, get away from the island to a nearby knoll, Lime Cay. A short boat trip takes you to an idyllic platform in the sea. Bask in the sun, suspend time, perfect the art of pleasure.

Day 13 - Ocho Rios beckons and your trip to this tourist mecca responds. Your journey itself will be a treat. Lush, rolling hillsides, sun-kissed panoramic scenes and the dark mystique that is Fern Gully. Located on the coast, this dazzling island town offers much to see and do. Here you’ll drop anchor for the next six days and explore the environs. 

Day 14 - Reserved for winding down. You create the agendas. Do nothing, lazing is perfectly legal here. Or do everything, attempt to, at least. Go craft shopping for the souvenir that will remind you of your time in heaven. Explore the wonder that is Dunn’s River Falls, climb the rocks spurting cascading waters.  Let it all hang out at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, music, dancing, food, fun. Engage in exciting watersports, para-sailing, water-skiing, wind surfing. Work on that glow that will make you the envy. Hike the tourist trail, watch cruise ships dock and depart, chat with the locals. Five more days of utter bliss.

Days 15 - Reality check. This was too good to be true…but it was, good and true. Your time in paradise has ended but your memories will never expire. Travel back to Montego Bay for departure. Not to worry, your next trip is already reserved…


Book : DaVinci Food Tour Print Page Print Page
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